This is a District line train to Richmond via Victoria. The next station is Aldgate East. Please mind the gap between the train and the platform edge…

It was half-past five when I got into the tube. There was literally no place to sit as it’s Friday evening rush hour…

Do you remember the last time someone told you what you could or cannot do? Or that you have changed completely? Or you haven’t changed at all? Well, most of the times they are not talking about you. They are talking about themselves. …

Well-wisher: Hello Yesh! What’s happening?
Me: Hello there! Erm nothing great, just finishing my Ph.D.
Well-wisher: Oh! that’s good! What will you do after that?
Me: To be honest, I don’t know yet..maybe I will start my own company and..
Well-wisher: Okay but when are you getting settled?

‘Settled (N/V)’…

In the early days of my PhD, I attended a doctoral research training course at my university. I was too naive and wasn’t sure what to expect on this journey. Entering a room that smelled coffee and knowledge, I met people networking in their academic jumpers. After a while, the…

What happens if you take your phone into the toilet? You get shitty ideas! One such idea I got was to count the number of days since I was born. Turns out that 20th February 2017 marks 27 years, 4 months and 15 days or in other words, 10,000 days.

Hermit crab and sea anemones exhibit symbiotic kind of lifestyle. While hermit crab moves around and provides food at new places to sea anemone, the latter provides protection to hermit crab from Octopuses. Here are 3 things we learn from these beings:

  • Learn to live together: Though the crab…

Cosmic Eye. (Planetary nebula)

Amongst the chirping sound of crickets and the flickering spark of a melting candle, my grandmother started to tell a story.

A teacher asks all his students to hide their favourite toy so that nobody could find it. After 10 minutes, everyone comes back to him saying they have hidden their toys, except one. When asked why, the boy complains he couldn’t find a place where he can hide his toy. The teacher asks how can that be possible when everyone else found a place? Did you think about that space behind the bed? Yes, replies the boy. Behind the table? Yes. Beneath the drawers? Yes. Above the cupboard? Yes. Who do you think will find it if you put your toy there? The boy responds, God. I can’t hide anything from Him.

Turns out there are many versions of this story in different languages and cultures, including the Lord of the Rings, where the big eye of Sauron can keep a…

How can you integrate Hand based menu into your project:

Note: This is only a guideline,

Sources: 1.

and my own notes..

So get ready:

  1. Install Leap Motion Orion plug in into Unity
  2. Install Oculus OVR plug in into Unity
  3. Install Hover VR Orion plug in into Unity
  4. Make…

Yeshwanth Pulijala

Founder of Scalpel Ltd. Builds tech to make surgery safer. Ph.D. in Mixed reality applications for Surgery. Also a Dentist.

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